Personalised Chocolate Bars

Everyone’s wish is to host a memorable event such as a birthday party or a wedding anniversary. Especially ones that your guests will remember for its splendour! Your preferences plays a major role in selecting a theme for your event. And some of these preferences will determine the success or failure of your event. Event organisers stick to known routines. The  ones who free their minds with creativity can end up hosting great events!  When you choose unique and classy items such as personalised chocolate bars can completely change the impression and aura of your event.

While most events still follow traditional routines, the trend now is to give out personalised chocolate bars on special occasions as an expression of heartfelt good wishes. If you have a special event coming up such as a wedding, anniversary, Christening or birthday party, then try out our personalised chocolate bars. You can be assured that  your guests will love it. Our personalised chocolate bars are made of high quality Heat Resistant chocolate.  Therefore lasting longer without melting. even on a warm day. 

Personalised Chocolate Bars with Guest Names

It may be difficult to interact with every invited guest on your special day. So why not serve them with customised chocolate bars? Create a personal touch for your guests by handing out chocolate gifts,  personalised with guest names, favourite quotes or memoirs. Customize your chocolate bars with thematic colours, images, thoughtful messages and special fonts to create perfect gifts for your guests. Alternatively, you can choose customised fonts from our Font Selection Guide to go with your chocolates gifts. We provide exceptional customer service to our clients. We can also custom create a design for you.

Gift giving is a popular trend in today’s social events and the gifts are increasingly becoming sleek and trendy. Gone are the days when gifts were just plain and simple; today’s social gifts come with flair, style and personality.  Made by an Australian based chocolate factory, our personalised chocolate bars have the finest ingredients to ensure quality and freshness. Your Chocolate orders are packaged in elegant wrappers. Ensuring safe delivery, your order is shipped in insulated liners. This method ensures safe delivery. If you are looking for a stylish way to entertain your guests, then personalised chocolates make a perfect choice. Surprise your invited guests by unleashing a chocolate indulgence when they least expect it.  

Personalised Chocolate Bars as a Thank You!

Are you hosting a mini or grand event? Then turn your heartfelt plans into delightful surprise!  Keep your guests entertained, and extend the fun and excitement with delicious personalised chocolate bars. Especially ones that are guaranteed to make them smile. When celebrating a wedding, a unique “thank you” gesture by offering personalised chocolate bars as parting gifts to your guests. Customers can browse through our vast selection of designs. Let us know which design best suits your occasion. As we understand the trends in social events. We’ can help you make a unique expression of style for your event. if we don't have a design to your liking, we will custom create it for FREE!