Chocolate Favour Selection Guide

We have prepared this Chocolate Favour Selection Guide so that we can help you to select a favour that suits your event.

Don’t pay $3-$5 for a typical chocolate favour. Ours start at $1.75, If you know what you are after, then you can click here to start shopping now. Otherwise please read the information on this page to assist you with selecting the right favour for your event.

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To start with, we offer personalised chocolate favours in 3 sizes, 3 foil colours, 3 design styles and 30 paper types! We explain all of these on this page!

Favour Design Styles

Printed Chocolates

Our printed designs can be done in full colour, partial colour or black and white. We can print on plain paper, Kraft recycled paper or shimmer paper. Some examples are below.



 Designer Chocolates

Our designer chocolates feature specialty paper along with ribbons, diamontes, buckles, flowers, lace, or other decorations. Due to the placement of items on the favour, unfortunately,  there is no room for printed messages. Some examples are below:

Printed Designer Chocolates

These designs feature the best of the previous 2 styles. With printed personalised messages, along with ribbons, diamontes, buckles, and other features added to give your favour a special and unique touch. Some examples are below.

Chocolate Favour Sizes

1. Squares: Chocolah are one of the few providers in Australia to offer personalised chocolate squares.  These are not the small, thin, 6 gram petite squares that other providers offer. These chocolate squares weigh 20 grams and measure approximately 5cm by 5cm x 1cm thick.  

To help you put this in to perspective, there is more chocolate in these squares, than the Cadbury Furry Friends bars you find in the supermarket. The Cadbury furry friends bars have 15 grams of chocolate! Some examples are below:


2. Medium Rectangle Bars: These chocolate favours measure 9.5cm by 5.5cm and weigh 35 grams. Some examples are below:



3. Large Rectangle Bars: These chocolate favours measure 13.5cm by 5.5cm and weigh 70 grams. Some examples are below:



So which size is best for your event?

In general, we can offer you the following guidelines.

  1. If your design has a long message, or long name and date, then more area is required to layout the design. A rectangle bar is generally better suited for these types of favours.
  2. For photo based designs,  we’ve been successful in placing photos on all chocolate sizes. however, on squares we recommend a photo with minimal words (2-3 at most) or no text. If long messages are required,  then a design with a rectangle bar is more appropriate.
  3. When using favours as placeholders, then we recommend rectangle bars. The larger 70 gram rectangle bars can accommodate larger fonts to make it easier for your guests to see them.
  4. For designer chocolates that require a message, then we recommend the rectangle bars.
  5. For non-photo, non-designer, and non-placeholder designs, any size is suitable!

Paper Types

We have a variety of paper types on offer:

  1. Premium white paper. Used as a standard for most of our designs. We can print full colour on this paper type.
  2. Kraft Recycled paper. Best for black or partial colour.
  3. Shimmer paper. These have a metallic finish. We have multiple colours, and textures, available, including:
    1. White gold
    2. white silver
    3. Gold
    4. Silver
    5. Linen
  4. Specialty paper types. These paper types are best suited for our designer chocolate range.


Chocolate Foils

We offer our favours in silver, gold and black foil colours to enhance the look of your design. Below are examples of favours being used with matching foil colours, or, to contrast the chosen design.