Personalised Designer Chocolates

Personalised Designer Chocolates

Examples of our Designer Chocolates are shown below. For more designs please click on the link below, or contact us to create a custom Designer Chocolate Bar for your event.

For more examples then CLICK HERE>>

For more examples then CLICK HERE>>


Designer Chocolates by Chocolah

Are you hosting an exclusive party for a baby shower, baptism, christening, engagement or wedding? Make your special occasion more pleasurable by offering chocolates that match the theme of your event. Chocolah is the premier home of chocolate creations, designer chocolates and decorated chocolates that combine excellence with refined taste. We are happy to provide you with the most original chocolate decorations to add an irresistible to touch to your special event.

Each of our chocolate favour arrangements is a distinctive piece crowned with beautiful wrapping and decorative flair. We love to be part of elegant parties and all our and designer chocolates come in unique creations. We believe every special occasion is different, so whether you are hosting farewells, birthdays or anniversary, our decorated chocolates are creatively made to make a lasting impression in your celebrations.

At Chocolah, we transform each piece of chocolate into a magnificent work of art and delight. Our decorated designer chocolates are made only from the finest ingredients to guarantee quality and elegance. Moreover, the chocolates can be customized to match the colour scheme of your event. We add a combination of artistry, personalization and taste in our decorated designer chocolates to deliver brilliant chocolate favour arrangements for your special event.

Surprise your guests with chocolates made out of dazzling ideas to suit every budget. We strive to bring out a touch of originality in every piece of decorated designer chocolates without compromising on the luscious, rich chocolate flavour that is known in our chocolate products. Our chocolate range is unique and exciting.

Chocolah’s decorated chocolates are made to share the joy and happiness that comes with special occasions. We deliver beautifully arranged chocolates and chocolate favour arrangements that are guaranteed to add a stunning wow factor in every sweet occasion. Whether you are looking for exquisite gifts for your engagement and wedding party or just gorgeous presents at your kid’s baptism or christening occasion, our  chocolates are wittingly created for such special events.

At Chocolah, we understand how important special occasions can be and we are always proud to be the one to provide the special treats that goes with special events. We strongly believe in quality and we give special attention to value and originality when making our decorated chocolates. Our highly experienced professional team can make chocolates in custom-made craftsmanship that create a lasting impression on your event. Let Chocolah decorated designer chocolates make your event unique, sparkling and lively.


Hi, I’m Rawia - Owner of Chocolah. There are 2 things I’m passionate about in life: family and chocolates! I love seeing a smile on people’s faces when they see how chocolates can be decorated for use as favours or gifts. If you have a unique requirement then contact me to see what can be done!

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